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Honiara Vintage : Des sandales aussi stylées que confortables

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It's been a while since I haven't write a blog review properly because of my moving back to France but I wanted to take the time to share with you about Honiara Vintage that is a new affordable 1940's - 1950's inspired brand shoes by Charlie Stone :


From the mind behind Charlie Stone comes a passion project dedicated to living an eternal summer dream through tropical designs inspired by our family's heritage.

Indeed, those sandals are sooo perfect for summer :

I ve worn the Gizo pair of sandals in green for the first time just after I received them to go visit a city in Spain and I can tell you that I ve walked a lot... Usually, I never wear a brand new pair of shoes to walk with if I have not "test" them a little before but this time I haven't no choice because I wanted to make photos and videos with them for my networks and blog.

Finally, I ve been really surprised when at the end of the day on my way back home, I ve realised that I was still wearing those amazing sandals, very stylish and even more comfortable !

Now I need them in every available color and you will understand me better when you will try them as well.

Also wanted to add that Honiara Vintage is a VEGAN FRIENDLY company that uses high quality vegan "leather", so wearing their shoes you're supporting a small business and sustainable fashion.

Another amazing brand I have been very happy and proud to work with that I really encourage you to follow and support on their networks too.

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